Getting organised…

Okay, so I’m starting to get things organised now. I’ve set up “Gurbintroll Games” as a publisher over at DriveThruRPG, and I’ve uploaded my first two games – Dark Dungeons and Blood, Guts & Glory – and submitted them for publication approval.

Once they’ve been approved and made public I can set up their respective pages here with links to the DriveThruRPG pages for them.

By the way, in case anyone reading this is wondering why I’ve swapped “Gratis Games” for “Gurbintroll Games” and moved my website, the reason is rather prosaic and mundane I’m afraid. My old “Gratis Games” website was hosted on the free webspace that my ISP provided. My ISP has stopped providing that so I needed to move all my stuff. Unfortunately, there’s already another “gratis games” website out there, and there’s already a “gratis games” blog here; so I needed another name. “Gurbintroll Games” still has the attractive alliteration that “Gratis Games” had, and the word Gurbintroll had no hits on Google so it makes the site easy to find.

And who or what is a “Gurbintroll”? I got the word from an 1984 Jean Michel Jarre album called Zoolook. The album was an early experiment in music created by sampling and contains vocals in over 25 languages that have been layered and manipulated to form the music. At one point during the album it sounds as if someone is saying “Gurbintroll”. I’ve no idea what the person is actually saying or what language it is in, but the word (as I heard it) has stuck with me ever since, and I imagine a Gurbintroll to be some kind of peaceful Finno-Scandinavian rock troll, similar to Moomintroll.


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