Four out of five ain’t bad…

The new project – a conversion of various older rules to 5e – is going well. The current status is:

  1. Residuum (from 4th edition) – 100%
  2. Dominion Rules (from BECMI) – 100%
  3. Mass Combat Rules (from BECMI) – 100%
  4. Artefact Creation Rules (from BECMI) – 0%
  5. Multiverse Cosmology (from BECMI) – 100%
  6. Immortals Rules (from BECMI) – 100%

As you can see, in theory the rules for artefacts are the only ones I have left to convert.

There’s a reason for that “in theory” being there, though. One of the main reasons for doing these rules conversions is to aid the playing of old adventures – particularly the old BECMI/Mystara ones. I’ve been running an epic Mystara campaign while I’ve been writing these conversions and using the old published adventures to play-test them.

And one thing that’s struck me is just how much time travel goes on. The DA series has the PCs time traveling using an inn-between-worlds. CM4 Earthshaker has time traveling gnomes and a giant robot from the past. CM5 Where Chaos Reigns has the PCs repeatedly time traveling to different periods of an alternate world’s history and fighting time traveling bad guys. HWA3 tells us that all the immortals can time travel, and has the PCs chasing one through the time stream itself.

So as a result of this, I’ve dug out my old Chronomancers (it’s actually an AD&D 2e supplement, not a BECMI supplement) and I’m thinking of converting the time travel rules it contains to 5th edition too. The only problem is that like many time travel rules in games they’re not that well thought out. I’m currently trying to adapt them to make them more playable.

Depending on how I go, they may or may not make it into the supplement.

Meanwhile, here is the latest work-in-progress of what I’ve done so far (again, it’s not been formatted yet): Combined_WIP