The “Immortals Companion” is done!

That’s right, after nearly a year of development and playtesting, my project is finished – and it has a name!

It’s now called the “Immortals Companion”, and its fully formatted and proofread and stocked with art. As usual getting art at zero budget was a major pain in the butt, although I’m quite pleased with the result.

In the end, it has five chapters and weighs in at 76 pages:

  1. “Essence” – a conversion of 4e’s “Residuum” rules.
  2. “Ruling a Domain” – a conversion of BECMI’s domain management rules (including a conversion of the mass combat rules).
  3. “The Multiverse” – a conversion of BECMI’s rather involved cosmology (needed for the immortals rules to work properly, but can be used without them).
  4. “Immortals” – by far the biggest chapter; a conversion of BECMI’s immortals rules.
  5. “Chronomancy” – a set of time travel rules extrapolated from the various BECMI-era adventures that incorporated time travel.

The PDF is currently awaiting approval over at DriveThruRPG, and I’ll put up a proper product page for it here with a link once it’s been approved.