The “Immortals Companion” is done!

The “Immortals Companion” is done!

That’s right, after nearly a year of development and playtesting, my project is finished – and it has a name!

It’s now called the “Immortals Companion”, and its fully formatted and proofread and stocked with art. As usual getting art at zero budget was a major pain in the butt, although I’m quite pleased with the result.

In the end, it has five chapters and weighs in at 76 pages:

  1. “Essence” – a conversion of 4e’s “Residuum” rules.
  2. “Ruling a Domain” – a conversion of BECMI’s domain management rules (including a conversion of the mass combat rules).
  3. “The Multiverse” – a conversion of BECMI’s rather involved cosmology (needed for the immortals rules to work properly, but can be used without them).
  4. “Immortals” – by far the biggest chapter; a conversion of BECMI’s immortals rules.
  5. “Chronomancy” – a set of time travel rules extrapolated from the various BECMI-era adventures that incorporated time travel.

The PDF is currently awaiting approval over at DriveThruRPG, and I’ll put up a proper product page for it here with a link once it’s been approved.



6 thoughts on “The “Immortals Companion” is done!

  1. Hello! Hey, just want to say that this looks awesome! Keep up the good work. I’ll be really tearing into this Immortals Companion pdf soon. Question: Are you still working on “Darkest Dungeons”? I purchased Darker Dungeons (Softcover) and love it! One of my buddies also purchased “Dark Dungeons” (Softcover) and he is rather glad he bought it. We’re just curious to know if Darkest Dungeons was still in the works and if so when we can buy it and see what is different and if we could steal the ideas from it to put into our Darker Dungeons game.

    Also, I’ll be starting a Youtube Channel soon (once I can come up with a good name) that reviews and comments on games of all stripes including OSR and retroclones as well as Let’s Play “Insert Name of Game Here”, and I was curious if you would be okay with Dark Dungeons and Darker Dungeons being the first games to be reviewed. Going to be good 30 minutes or so long most likely (once we edit it down and such).


    1. Darkest Dungeons ended up (after at least three name changes and one complete re-write) becoming Blood, Guts & Glory – it turned out to be pretty much a completely different game from Dark Dungeons and Darker Dungeons.

      And I look forward to your Dark Dungeons and Darker Dungeons reviews. Feel free to post a link to them here when you’ve done them.


  2. Hi, Dark Dungeons is perfect, love the look and feel of it, and somehow it doesn’t seem sort of clunky like the beloved cyclopedia was. 🙂

    I am doing stop motion animation films – fantasy adventures using stop motion 28mm miniatures buildings, scenery, SFX etc. – and for the cutaway scenes where gamers are rolling dice I am using a deluxe hardback copy of Dark Dungeons as a prop 🙂

    Kudos to you for such a labor of love and it looks great man.

    On my normal blog I will be putting up Dark Dungeons stuff like stats for the D&D cartoon kids and adult versions of them, Migou (prehistoric bear that seems like it’s the real life Yeti) and stats for characters from my animated films.

    You’ve inspired me!

    Best wishes,



    1. If you’re using that option then they can manifest as holy symbols and they can invest clerics/paladins rather than warlocks. It’s basically a matter of campaign flavour rather than anything rules related.


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