The “Treasure Companion” is now “Blackball’s Treasure” – and it’s done!

So, last time I posted anything on here, it was telling you about a new project – a “Treasure Companion”.

Well, it’s been a year since then, and things have changed. The Treasure Companion did actually get finished, and then entered in development hell while I tried to find suitable artwork for it. In the end, it just sat there on my hard drive while I went off and did other things.

However, now it’s back. Kind of.

Basically, I’ve been talking to people about the way magic items are priced in D&D 5e, and the result of this has been that I’ve spent some time going through the items and re-pricing them all based on their actual utility and power. The upshot of this is that the stuff I did for the Treasure Companion is now all obsolete.

But the good news is that I’ve written up the new pricing stuff, and it now contains everything the Treasure Companion was going to contain anyway.

So the Treasure Companion is dead. Long live Blackball’s Treasure!