Lightmaster – Project Update

So, the Lightmaster project is going well.

Of the two books (the Rulebook and the Book of Tables), I’ve started both. I’ve made the most progress with the Rulebook, in that I’ve got chapters 1-7 (of 13 total) fully written, edite, and layed out with artwork. Other than any last-minute edits that I have to do when proofreading, those chapters are completely finished.

Although that’s only just over half of the book in terms of chapter count, it’s well over half in terms of page count since it includes some of the longest chapters.

For reference, here’s the full chapter list with those I’ve finished crossed off:

  1. Foreword (1 page)
  2. The Game’s Setting (4 pages)
  3. Basic Mechanics (6 pages)
  4. Skills (17 pages)
  5. Creating a Character (26 pages)
  6. Equipment (18 pages)
  7. Magic (13 pages)
  8. Adventuring (estimated 5 pages)
  9. Combat (estimated 10 pages)
  10. Injury and Healing (estimated 4 pages)
  11. Lightmaster Travel (estimated 6 pages)
  12. Crafting (estimated 8 pages)
  13. Extras (estimated 12 pages)

So – assuming my estimates for the size of as-yet unwritten chapters is correct – I’m around 60% through the book.

My estimates should be pretty accurate for the most part, I think, since for all the chapters that are left I already have the raw text from earlier drafts. The Adventuring, Combat, Injury & Healing, and Crafting chapters are largely unchanged from Blood, Guts & Glory and big chunks of the Lightmaster Travel chapter draw heavily on the material in Dark Dungeons. It all needs tweaking to match the new rules, of course, but the core of it isn’t significantly changing.

The Book of Tables is much more straightforward, in that it has a lot less ambiguity. There’s much less formatting and layout to be done, since the whole point of it is that it is designed to have individual pages printed off – so it doesn’t have the fancy formatting or atwork that the Rulebook has.

Since I went through the Rulebook’s chapters and their page counts, I suppose I should do the same with the Book of Tables, and this will give you a sneak peek at the character classes that exist! Again, I’m crossing out the sections I’ve already done:

  1. Crafting Recipes (10 pages)
  2. Chirurgeon Spell Paths (6 pages)
  3. Conjurer Spell Paths (6 pages)
  4. Empath Spell Paths (6 pages)
  5. Haruspex Spell Paths (6 pages)
  6. Necromancer Spell Paths (6 pages)
  7. Occultist Spell Paths (6 pages)
  8. Priest Spell Paths (6 pages)
  9. Ravager Spell Paths (6 pages)
  10. Rhymer Spell Paths (5 pages)
  11. Runesmith Spell Paths (6 pages)
  12. Spellsword Spell Paths (5 pages)
  13. Visionary Spell Paths (6 pages)
  14. Warden Spell Paths (5 pages)
  15. Warlock Spell Paths (6 pages)
  16. Witch Spell Paths (6 pages)
  17. Common Arcane Spell Paths (10 pages)
  18. Esoteric Arcane Spell Paths (10 pages)
  19. Common Divine Spell Paths (10 pages)
  20. Esoteric Divine Spell Paths (10 pages)
  21. Common Psychic Spell Paths (10 pages)
  22. Esoteric Psychic Spell Paths (10 pages)
  23. Attack Tables (46 pages)
  24. Critical Strike Tables (8 pages)

As you can see, there’s a huge amount of work still to be done on this – by page count I’m only about 35% through this one. However, the task isn’t as daunting as it first appears because like the Rulebook chapters I already have all the spell paths written – it’s “just” a matter of tweaking their formatting and making sure the spell descriptions match the new rules (which the vast majority of them do already). Tweaking the formatting won’t take much doing, either, since the formatting of the spell paths isn’t significantly changing. So despite the extra page count I reckon this should actually go much quicker than the Rulebook.