More progress, and some covers!

I’ve made more progress with Lightmaster since my last update.

Firstly, I’ve added the chapter on sky and space travel using Lightmaster sails on a ship. This is the element of the game from which it takes its name, and it should be familiar to players of Dark Dungeons since it’s the same system of flying ships and celestial spheres and luminiferous aether that I used in that game.

Secondly I’ve been through a first editing pass of the rules cleaning up the text. No big changes there, but it should have got rid of all the typos and mis-spellings and the like. I’m bound to have missed a couple, but I think I got most of them.

Thirdly, I’ve now done the covers for the two books, as you can see below:

Lightmaster RulebookBook of Tables

Lastly, I’ve changed the colour scheme within the book to make the example text less eye-watering and to make the background behind the tables have a higher contrast with the text in the tables so they are easier to read.

There’s new “work in progress” versions of the two books here: