Here’s a new Work-In-Progress

I’ve uploaded a new “work in progress” version of the rules, now that I’ve mostly finished the big update (making the game cover the full range of levels that the game it takes inspiration from does).

The differences between this version and the last one are (from memory):

  • A new colour scheme that makes the tables easier to read.
  • Everything now goes from level 1-50 rather than 1-20.
  • There are a few changes in the names and descriptions of classes to better fit the setting lore.
  • Witches get a new spell path – “Nature’s Bounty” – replacing their old “Stone Lore” path.
  • All the spell paths have been re-formatted (and in some cases mostly re-written) so that they’re easier to read and it’s more obvious where the spells and gaps are.
  • The process of learning spell paths has been streamlined.
  • I’ve added a “level demographics” section to the setting lore to give an idea of how common characters of different levels are in the world, and what levels are best used for different types of NPC.
  • I’ve altered the progression of magical metals (from Iron-Steel-Orichalcum-Titanium-Obsidian to Iron-Steel-Titanium-Mithral-Adamantite-Aetherite).
  • I’ve added crafting rules for constant-spell items and Lightmaster sails, and a crafting summary clarifying which spells are used for which type of item.

Anyway, here are the links to the files: