Lightmaster Print-on-Demand Version Now Available

I’ve received my proof copies from the printer, and they’re fine. In fact they’re more than fine – they’re beautiful.

It’s always nerve-wracking waiting for proofs and always a relief when they arrive; and these ones arrived earlier than I expected. I thought it would be another week or so. When I ordered them, it said they’d take 7-13 days to arrive; but they arrived in five.

Anyway, since the proofs are good I’ve gone ahead and made the Print-on-Demand option public over on DriveThruRPG.

It may take a day or so for them to appear there – there’s usually a slight delay.


At the Printers…

Well, after just over a week’s worth of intensive proofreading and editing, I’ve declared Lightmaster finished.

I’ve uploaded the digital files to DriveThruRPG and sent them to the printers for the Print-on-Demand version.

Once they’re approved, I’ll order myself a proof copy – and assuming that looks fine I’ll open the two books up to the public and add a page for the game to this website.

Now comes the nail-biting waiting game…