Cthangband 6.2 Released!

The title says it all, really. There’s a new version of Cthangband. It’s version 6.2. And you can download it here.

If you don’t know what Cthangband is, check the Cthangband page on this site.

If you do know what Cthangband is, check out the change log below to see what’s new:

  • Replaced old plasma-based terrain generation with a Perlin Noise based one for a more realistic island.
  • Flavoured items now have their true appearance even when unidentified.
  • New town layouts to give towns more personality.
  • Added an “Other” gender for those who want it (or those playing sexless golems).
  • A metric ton more internal code refactoring.
  • New animation system for spells and similar effects.
  • Lighting and line-of-sight is now visible on more than just basic walls and floors.
  • “Organic” cavern levels added (using the same Perlin Noise algorithm as the new terrain).
  • New in-game “Cthangpedia” documentation added.
  • High Score Table is now versioned, so you’re only comparing scores with characters who have had the same game experience as you.
  • When choosing to re-use a character, the character gains a generation after their name (which is displayed on the high score table, save game preview, and gravestone). For example, “Bob”, “Bob II”, “Bob III”, “Bob IV”…
  • Recovery rate is now properly shown as a multiplier on the character sheet, rather than a misleading “Regen” bonus, since it does not actually affect health regeneration; only poison/stun/bleeding recovery rate.
  • Fixed occasional crash where the game would try to delete a non-existent monster.
  • Chests are now included in the Journal’s “Worthless Items” section.
  • Fixed bug where examining a disarmed but still locked chest would cause a crash.
  • Fixed Journal’s monster list so it doesn’t skip monsters when browsing backwards.
  • Reverted to classic speed system.
  • Fixed bug where fixed-quest uniques could sometimes appear outside their designated level.
  • Journal’s pet list now identifies what your pets are even if you’ve not seen them.
  • Fixed bug where unusual key combinations (e.g. Alt+Numpad2) could sometimes cause a crash.
  • Removed the (albeit very remote) possibility of getting an offensive name for a random artifact or an offensively shaped vault.
  • Doubled the size of the colour palette.
  • Changed the colour and/or character of over two hundred monster types to reduce ambiguity (fewer monsters now look identical); particularly Lovecraftian creatures, which have been mostly moved to the new characters of ‘A’ (for ‘Abomination’) for the races and ‘X’ (for ‘Extradimensional Entity’) for the unique Great Old Ones and Outer Gods.
  • Glyph of Warding changed to Elder Sign
  • Explosive Rune changed to Yellow Sign
  • Recoloured a large number of items and dungeon features to take advantage of the new colours and enhanced lighting.
  • Tunneling through trees no longer gives a confusing message about walls.
  • Corrected cost/level of Chaos Bolt spell for Cultists.