Dark Dungeons X Finished

Back in December, I mentioned that I was going to start working on a new edition of Dark Dungeons.

Well, I’ve spent the last four months doing exactly that, and I’m pleased to announce that the new edition is finished.

I’m calling it “Dark Dungeons X”. The ‘X’ standing for both 10 (because it’s the 10th anniversary edition) and ‘Expanded’ because this new edition includes material from both the original Dark Dungeons and also Darker Dungeons.

The changes to this edition, when compared to the previous edition, are:

  • New and improved layout – the book is now around 410 pages rather than 320 pages, but that is because I’ve moved away from the cramped three-column layout and used more modern design. However, I’ve kept the feel of the book as close to the original as I can, design changes notwithstanding.
  • The rule changes for Darker Dungeons are included in the text. Darker Dungeons is the game as played at my table, and now that the original game that Dark Dungeons was based on is available to buy as a PDF once more (which wasn’t the case when Dark Dungeons came out) there seems little point in releasing a new edition of Dark Dungeons that slavishly follows it.
  • There are a couple of new additions to the game over and above those added in Darker Dungeons – the Clockwork race, and the Warlord fighter variant, for example. Also the Immortals rules have been given a major expansion to make them more of a blend between the two sets of Immortals rules from the original game and I’ve added values for magic items.
  • I’ve added a whole bunch of “Developer Commentary” sidebars to the game. These explain the reasoning and intent behind the various rules and rules changes in a more personal manner rather than the impartial “rules voice” used in the text itself.
  • A switch from the old Lulu print-on-demand to a print-on-demand available directly through DriveThruRPG.

Having said that Dark Dungeons X is finished, it is going through a final period of proofreading and checking – and will be uploaded to DriveThruRPG (for both PDF and print-on-demand) in a couple of weeks time.