Cthangband 6.5 Release

The title says it all really. I’ve packaged up and released version 6.5 of Cthangband.

If that means nothing to you, check out my Cthangband page for more details about the game.

Anyway, version 6.5 is just a routine update, with no major gameplay changes. There are a few minor tweaks and a few bugfixes, but the main difference in this new version is in the user interface. Version 6.5 has new background images and introduces ambient background music and sounds (don’t worry, you can easily turn those off it you don’t want them).

A full list of the changes in 6.5 is:

  • Fixed rounding error in character viewer where a Con of 6 was showing +0.5 hits per level rather than the -0.5 hits per level it actually gives.
  • The ‘Restoration’ service has been moved to the Alchemists.
  • The ‘Research an item’ service has been moved to the Magic Shop, to replace the Ritual of Recall (which has been removed).
  • Chosen Ones have been rebalanced (mostly a reduction in combat skills and hit points).
  • Fixed bug where tall but narrow levels caused LOS glitches near the bottom of them.
  • Base ability scores are now generated in a new manner on character creation.
  • Fixed bug where characters with the ‘other’ gender weren’t being given a height and weight.
  • Added atmospheric background music (don’t worry, you can turn it off if you don’t like it).
  • Added Amulet of Anti-Theft as a useful low-mid level item.
  • A Potion of New Life will now restore you to your original birth race as well as curing all mutations.
  • A new character based on the previous one will use the race the old character was born as rather than their race at the point of death (in case they had been polymorphed into a different race at any time).
  • Fixed rare hang condition when generating world map after character creation.
  • Replaced in-console splash screen with a proper one that includes game options, making them more visible.
  • Replaced most background textures.
  • Level feelings are now given separately for danger and treasure.
  • The slime molds are no longer revolting!
  • If players Word of Recall without ever having entered a dungeon, they will now end up on level 1 of the dungeon instead of returning to their starting town.
  • Kill count moved to end of monster description so that basic ‘what is it’ text comes first.
  • Corrected class documentation to properly include the Globe of Invulnerability spell on the various spell lists.
  • You no longer have to kill all the monsters in a multi-monster quest in one go. You can kill some, leave the level, then return later and kill the rest to finish the quest.
  • Wizard Bolt can no longer be reflected back on you by monsters.

Anyway, the new version can be found here.