Cthangband 6.7 Released

As if you couldn’t have guessed by the title, it’s another Cthangband release.

This new version fixes a variety of issues, but also contains a few other game changes both big and small. The complete list of changes is below:

  • Dead monsters no longer futilely try to flee in terror.
  • Fixed bug where if a player had multiple natural attacks they’d not stop making them when the monster was dead.
  • Fixed a bug where stumbling into a town while confused would mean you didn’t realise you’d visited it.
  • Even characters with poor item sensing can now sense artifacts.
  • Potentially offensively titled ‘Genocide’ spell (and its variants) renamed.
  • Fixed longstanding bug that stopped you running along the edge of a room (eventually!).
  • Monsters that steal gold will now drop it when killed.
  • Monsters will no longer try to summon help against other monsters if there isn’t room to do so.
  • Adjusted a few character history text fragments to make them more diverse and lose some sexism/racism.
  • Fixed bug where a monster breathing on another monster would fire a ball instead of a cone.
  • Fixed bug where a monster attacking another monster with a theft attack would continue attacking it after having blinked away.
  • Fixed wrong message being given when a monster breaks through an Elder Sign.
  • Fixed sanity checks not being fired when eldritch horrors come into view.
  • Fixed Channelers’ ability not working on scrolls of Rumour.
  • The chance of having your race changed through mutation has been reduced.
  • Priests have a patron deity (based on the realm of magic they choose), and they get increased favour with that god.
  • Sacrificing items to win the gods’ favour (at the temple) will give you benefits.
  • Manual and Journal are now both accessible from within stores (racial high scores moved from ‘h’ to ‘v’ to make room).
  • Exact dungeon offsets will vary from game to game (randomised on world creation).
  • Cleaned up formatting of skill display.
  • Small balance tweaks have been made to most classes; in particular Channelers and Druids have been given a bit of a boost.
  • ‘Mindcrafting’ powers have been renamed to ‘Mentalism’ powers, since the Mindcrafter class is no longer the only user of them.
  • The spell-using martial artist has now been renamed to ‘Monk’ and a mentalism-based martial artist (the ‘Mystic’) has been added.
  • Abilities screen now highlights abilities you have to make it easier to see at a glance.
  • Removed numerous annoying and useless wizard mode messages.
  • Huge amounts of behind-the-scenes code refactoring.
  • Fixed bug where monsters casting whirlpool on empty spaces would crash the game.
  • Last bits of confusion between ‘allies’ and ‘pets’ cleaned up.
  • The high score table now includes living characters from the three save slots.
  • Added documentation for how martial arts works.
  • When rolling stats, characters with too low a score in their class’s main ability score will be rerolled automatically.
  • Fixed two vaults that had invalid definitions.
  • Fixed occasional crash when placing a greater vault on a level.

The new version can be downloaded here.