Cthangband Now On GitHub (also 6.8 release)

Cthangband has always had a somewhat weird license – the Angband License – which says it’s okay to do anything you want with either the source code or the executable providing you charge no money for it. While this isn’t an Open Source license (it actually predates the Open Source movement) that demands the source code be shared, it does allow for the source code to be shared.

In the “golden age” of Angband development we would normally share source code by uploading it to a couple of specific FTP sites, but since I came back to it with Cthangband 5.0 those sites are long gone.

So from Cthangband 5.0 to Cthangband 6.7 the source code has just been on my home computer (and my NAS back-up device).

However, with Cthangband 6.8, that’s changed. I’ve switched to using GitHub, and the full source code of Cthangband is available for anyone to download from there. Anyone can now download the source code to build it themselves or to fork it and make their own variant of it.

The precompiled versions will still be available from this website.

So, speaking of 6.8, here’s what’s new (there’s very little change from 6.7, although I thought the level feeling bug was big enough to not wait for the next major version):

  • Fixed level always giving worst feeling for treasure regardless of how much treasure there actually is.
  • Swapped racial powers of Tcho-Tcho and Half-Ogre, since they make more sense the other way around.
  • Fixed bug where message for unsuccessfully tunneling into a vein got the type of vein wrong.

Cthangband 6.8 can be downloaded from here.

The GitHub repository is here.