Blood, Guts & Glory

Blood, Guts & Glory is a game that mixes high fantasy with gritty combat; with detailed combat, critical damage, and healing systems. The rules are a mash-up between two systems, taking a classic yet detailed 1980s role-playing game as a starting point, then simplifying it and merging it with an edition of the most popular role-playing game from the 2000s. The resulting game is greater than the sum of its parts and provides the best aspects of both systems while managing to be less complex than either.

The Blood, Guts & Glory book is entirely self-contained and contains everything you need to be able to play the game (other than dice, of course) so there is no need to go searching through supplements or source books. The game is based on a default setting of a post-apocalyptice Elizabethan England populated by anthropomorphic animals, although the book includes conversion notes for those who wish to play in a more generic fantasy setting.

Blood, Guts & Glory is available at DriveThruRPG here.