FASERIP is a neo-clone game of super heroes, based on a classic 1980s role-playing game.

The reason I call it a “neo-clone” rather than a “retro-clone” is because although the rules are inspired by the game that it emulates and use the same basic mechanic of having a series of named rankings for game elements and a universal table based on those rankings upon which varying degrees of success are measured, many of the details of the game rules have been modernised, rather than sticking to strict emulation.

The game contains a flexible yet streamlined super power system, and a completely new character generation system which keeps the fun and unpredictability of the original game’s random character generation but tempers it with an emphasis on balance and player choice to prevent the balance problems that the original game could have.

FASERIP is designed as a traditional game of super heroes, but contains four mini-settings showing off the system’s flexibility when used in other genres.

FASERIP is available at DriveThruRPG here.