Immortals Companion

The Immortals Companion is an unofficial supplement for the fifth edition of the worlds greatest roleplaying game (sorry about the weasel words there – I assume you know the game I’m talking about, but its name is trademarked and therefore can’t be used here).

The companion includes five sets of rules, most of which are conversions of rules from previous editions of the game, and all of which are updated for use with fifth edition.

These are:

  • Dominion management rules, from the old “Companion” set.
  • Mass combat rules, from the old “Companion” set.
  • Rules for magical “Essence” that can be used to create magic items, from 4th edition.
  • Rules for immortals, from the old “Immortals” set (including rules for a five dimensional multiverse!)
  • Rules for time travel, extrapolated from the examples of time travel found in various classic adventures.

The rules are presented in a modular fashion, so you can choose which modules to use in your campaign.

The Immortals Companion can be found at DriveThruRPG here.