Once upon a time, back in 1984, there was a superhero game published that used a multi-coloured resolution table as a mechanic, and it was extremely popular.

Twenty six years later, someone wrote another superhero game that was very loosely based on that one but which drew most of its mechanics from the Fate system.

I liked this more recent game, but it was a little too “Fatey” for my tastes, so I decided to do my thing and mash the two games together.

The result was Masks.

While I do like Masks as a game, it isn’t on DriveThruRPG with my other games for three reasons. Firstly, the artwork in it (by Storn A. Cook) is used under a non-commercial license. I did get Storn’s agreement that providing I give the game away this counts as “non-commercial” use – so I would rather simply give it away on this site rather than put it up on DriveThru – which, after all, is a commercial site.

Secondly, there is another superhero game out there called “Masks”, and I want to avoid confusion between the two. I didn’t copy the name from them (I can’t have done: my game came out first) and I believe that they didn’t copy it from me either – it’s a fairly obvious choice of name for a superhero game – but I don’t want people getting confused or anyone making accusations either way.

And thirdly, I more recently wrote FASERIP, and I think FASERIP is the better game. So I prefer to let that one take pride of place on DriveThru rather than having multiple similar games up there.

So instead, you can get masks directly from here: