Cthangband 6.9 Release

Cthangband 6.9 is now finished. It’s only a minor release, with no real gameplay changes from 6.8. It’s mostly an improvement in the front end. It now has a proper menu system and lets you change the options mid-game instead of only on startup.

The new release can be found here:



Cthangband Now On GitHub (also 6.8 release)

Cthangband has always had a somewhat weird license – the Angband License – which says it’s okay to do anything you want with either the source code or the executable providing you charge no money for it. While this isn’t an Open Source license (it actually predates the Open Source movement) that demands the source code be shared, it does allow for the source code to be shared.

In the “golden age” of Angband development we would normally share source code by uploading it to a couple of specific FTP sites, but since I came back to it with Cthangband 5.0 those sites are long gone.

So from Cthangband 5.0 to Cthangband 6.7 the source code has just been on my home computer (and my NAS back-up device).

However, with Cthangband 6.8, that’s changed. I’ve switched to using GitHub, and the full source code of Cthangband is available for anyone to download from there. Anyone can now download the source code to build it themselves or to fork it and make their own variant of it.

The precompiled versions will still be available from this website.

So, speaking of 6.8, here’s what’s new (there’s very little change from 6.7, although I thought the level feeling bug was big enough to not wait for the next major version):

  • Fixed level always giving worst feeling for treasure regardless of how much treasure there actually is.
  • Swapped racial powers of Tcho-Tcho and Half-Ogre, since they make more sense the other way around.
  • Fixed bug where message for unsuccessfully tunneling into a vein got the type of vein wrong.

Cthangband 6.8 can be downloaded from here.

The GitHub repository is here.

Cthangband 6.7 Released

As if you couldn’t have guessed by the title, it’s another Cthangband release.

This new version fixes a variety of issues, but also contains a few other game changes both big and small. The complete list of changes is below:

  • Dead monsters no longer futilely try to flee in terror.
  • Fixed bug where if a player had multiple natural attacks they’d not stop making them when the monster was dead.
  • Fixed a bug where stumbling into a town while confused would mean you didn’t realise you’d visited it.
  • Even characters with poor item sensing can now sense artifacts.
  • Potentially offensively titled ‘Genocide’ spell (and its variants) renamed.
  • Fixed longstanding bug that stopped you running along the edge of a room (eventually!).
  • Monsters that steal gold will now drop it when killed.
  • Monsters will no longer try to summon help against other monsters if there isn’t room to do so.
  • Adjusted a few character history text fragments to make them more diverse and lose some sexism/racism.
  • Fixed bug where a monster breathing on another monster would fire a ball instead of a cone.
  • Fixed bug where a monster attacking another monster with a theft attack would continue attacking it after having blinked away.
  • Fixed wrong message being given when a monster breaks through an Elder Sign.
  • Fixed sanity checks not being fired when eldritch horrors come into view.
  • Fixed Channelers’ ability not working on scrolls of Rumour.
  • The chance of having your race changed through mutation has been reduced.
  • Priests have a patron deity (based on the realm of magic they choose), and they get increased favour with that god.
  • Sacrificing items to win the gods’ favour (at the temple) will give you benefits.
  • Manual and Journal are now both accessible from within stores (racial high scores moved from ‘h’ to ‘v’ to make room).
  • Exact dungeon offsets will vary from game to game (randomised on world creation).
  • Cleaned up formatting of skill display.
  • Small balance tweaks have been made to most classes; in particular Channelers and Druids have been given a bit of a boost.
  • ‘Mindcrafting’ powers have been renamed to ‘Mentalism’ powers, since the Mindcrafter class is no longer the only user of them.
  • The spell-using martial artist has now been renamed to ‘Monk’ and a mentalism-based martial artist (the ‘Mystic’) has been added.
  • Abilities screen now highlights abilities you have to make it easier to see at a glance.
  • Removed numerous annoying and useless wizard mode messages.
  • Huge amounts of behind-the-scenes code refactoring.
  • Fixed bug where monsters casting whirlpool on empty spaces would crash the game.
  • Last bits of confusion between ‘allies’ and ‘pets’ cleaned up.
  • The high score table now includes living characters from the three save slots.
  • Added documentation for how martial arts works.
  • When rolling stats, characters with too low a score in their class’s main ability score will be rerolled automatically.
  • Fixed two vaults that had invalid definitions.
  • Fixed occasional crash when placing a greater vault on a level.

The new version can be downloaded here.

Cthangband 6.6 Released

Another Cthangband release, this time – as you might expect from the title – it’s Cthangband 6.6.

As with 6.5, this is only a minor update with a few bug fixes and quality-of-life changes, not any major gameplay changes. A full list of the changes is below:

  • The ‘K’ command now recognises that rings and amulets with negative bonuses are worth destroying.
  • Being out and about at midnight might be really good or really bad depending on the date…
  • Fixed bug where quest info wasn’t properly reset between characters.
  • Added documentation about the different towns and the types of shop that can be found in them, as well as the services provided by each shop.
  • Changed the colour of a couple of townsfolk to avoid overlaps.
  • Renamed the group versions of the various novices to apprentices so they don’t get confused with the individual versions in the kill list and monster recall.
  • General stores now run an escort service.
  • Fixed lighting of town fortifications at night.
  • Corrected the spelling of Hlanith, which had been spelled wrongly for over two decades before I noticed!
  • Sunrise and sunset are now accurately(!) calculated, based on the date (assuming that the island is on the 51st parallel north).
  • Game time is now tracked properly, rather than just inferred from turn count.
  • Yig added to list of patrons, replacing Mordiggian.
  • You can now invoke the favour of Great Old Ones with a scroll even if you don’t have one as a patron.
  • Thresholds for boring levels decreased to reduce amount of re-rolling.
  • Fixed a few incorrect pluralisations of monster names.
  • Curses can now be removed at the temple.
  • Fixed bug where if you had *exactly* the right amount of gold for a shop service it would think you couldn’t afford it.
  • Fixed resting for the night/day recovering hit points but not mana.
  • Documentation about feelings updated to show the separate monster/treasure feelings.
  • Special levels now override the separate monster/treasure feelings.
  • Viva la slime molds!
  • Player skills now show a relative rating as well as an absolute percentage.
  • Changed a few UI text colours and symbols to make things easier to read against the textured backgrounds.
  • More behind-the-scenes code refactoring.

The new version can be downloaded from here.

Cthangband 6.5 Release

The title says it all really. I’ve packaged up and released version 6.5 of Cthangband.

If that means nothing to you, check out my Cthangband page for more details about the game.

Anyway, version 6.5 is just a routine update, with no major gameplay changes. There are a few minor tweaks and a few bugfixes, but the main difference in this new version is in the user interface. Version 6.5 has new background images and introduces ambient background music and sounds (don’t worry, you can easily turn those off it you don’t want them).

A full list of the changes in 6.5 is:

  • Fixed rounding error in character viewer where a Con of 6 was showing +0.5 hits per level rather than the -0.5 hits per level it actually gives.
  • The ‘Restoration’ service has been moved to the Alchemists.
  • The ‘Research an item’ service has been moved to the Magic Shop, to replace the Ritual of Recall (which has been removed).
  • Chosen Ones have been rebalanced (mostly a reduction in combat skills and hit points).
  • Fixed bug where tall but narrow levels caused LOS glitches near the bottom of them.
  • Base ability scores are now generated in a new manner on character creation.
  • Fixed bug where characters with the ‘other’ gender weren’t being given a height and weight.
  • Added atmospheric background music (don’t worry, you can turn it off if you don’t like it).
  • Added Amulet of Anti-Theft as a useful low-mid level item.
  • A Potion of New Life will now restore you to your original birth race as well as curing all mutations.
  • A new character based on the previous one will use the race the old character was born as rather than their race at the point of death (in case they had been polymorphed into a different race at any time).
  • Fixed rare hang condition when generating world map after character creation.
  • Replaced in-console splash screen with a proper one that includes game options, making them more visible.
  • Replaced most background textures.
  • Level feelings are now given separately for danger and treasure.
  • The slime molds are no longer revolting!
  • If players Word of Recall without ever having entered a dungeon, they will now end up on level 1 of the dungeon instead of returning to their starting town.
  • Kill count moved to end of monster description so that basic ‘what is it’ text comes first.
  • Corrected class documentation to properly include the Globe of Invulnerability spell on the various spell lists.
  • You no longer have to kill all the monsters in a multi-monster quest in one go. You can kill some, leave the level, then return later and kill the rest to finish the quest.
  • Wizard Bolt can no longer be reflected back on you by monsters.

Anyway, the new version can be found here.

Cthangband 6.4 Released

While I’ve been waiting for the printer to approve the manuscript for new 10th anniversary edition of Dark Dungeons, I’ve been bug-fixing Cthangband.

The latest version (6.3) had a few bugs in it, and since I have big plans for version 7.0 I decided that I should just release a quick bugfix version rather than wait until 7.0 is ready.

So I’ve done just that. Cthangband 6.4 has very little change from 6.3, but it fixes a few bugs that really needed to be fixed rather than being able to wait for the next full version.

Specifically, the changes are:

  • The buildings in Kadath are now ruined rather than merely empty lots.
  • Replaced paper texture used for character sheet and journal with one that makes the text more readable.
  • Fixed bug where the known abilities of non-random artifacts weren’t showing in the journal.
  • Fixed a handful of minor mistakes in the documentation.
  • Fixed bug where Tarot Draw spell was drawing multiple cards.
  • Fixed program hanging due to invalid quest target being unable to be placed when the Demon Spire is entered for the first time.
  • Fixed bug where using ‘s’ to sell items would sometimes automatically sell a whole stack rather than letting you choose how many to sell.
  • Fixed crash when pack overflows after taking off an item or splitting a stack of items.
  • Fixed crash when recalling from wilderness outside a town into a dungeon.

As you can see from that list, there’s very little in the way of anything new – just the change to Kadath (and even that’s just a minor cosmetic change with no effect on gameplay). The main thing it does is fix the bugs that had been found in 6.2 and 6.3.

The new version can be found here.

Cthangband 6.2 Released!

The title says it all, really. There’s a new version of Cthangband. It’s version 6.2. And you can download it here.

If you don’t know what Cthangband is, check the Cthangband page on this site.

If you do know what Cthangband is, check out the change log below to see what’s new:

  • Replaced old plasma-based terrain generation with a Perlin Noise based one for a more realistic island.
  • Flavoured items now have their true appearance even when unidentified.
  • New town layouts to give towns more personality.
  • Added an “Other” gender for those who want it (or those playing sexless golems).
  • A metric ton more internal code refactoring.
  • New animation system for spells and similar effects.
  • Lighting and line-of-sight is now visible on more than just basic walls and floors.
  • “Organic” cavern levels added (using the same Perlin Noise algorithm as the new terrain).
  • New in-game “Cthangpedia” documentation added.
  • High Score Table is now versioned, so you’re only comparing scores with characters who have had the same game experience as you.
  • When choosing to re-use a character, the character gains a generation after their name (which is displayed on the high score table, save game preview, and gravestone). For example, “Bob”, “Bob II”, “Bob III”, “Bob IV”…
  • Recovery rate is now properly shown as a multiplier on the character sheet, rather than a misleading “Regen” bonus, since it does not actually affect health regeneration; only poison/stun/bleeding recovery rate.
  • Fixed occasional crash where the game would try to delete a non-existent monster.
  • Chests are now included in the Journal’s “Worthless Items” section.
  • Fixed bug where examining a disarmed but still locked chest would cause a crash.
  • Fixed Journal’s monster list so it doesn’t skip monsters when browsing backwards.
  • Reverted to classic speed system.
  • Fixed bug where fixed-quest uniques could sometimes appear outside their designated level.
  • Journal’s pet list now identifies what your pets are even if you’ve not seen them.
  • Fixed bug where unusual key combinations (e.g. Alt+Numpad2) could sometimes cause a crash.
  • Removed the (albeit very remote) possibility of getting an offensive name for a random artifact or an offensively shaped vault.
  • Doubled the size of the colour palette.
  • Changed the colour and/or character of over two hundred monster types to reduce ambiguity (fewer monsters now look identical); particularly Lovecraftian creatures, which have been mostly moved to the new characters of ‘A’ (for ‘Abomination’) for the races and ‘X’ (for ‘Extradimensional Entity’) for the unique Great Old Ones and Outer Gods.
  • Glyph of Warding changed to Elder Sign
  • Explosive Rune changed to Yellow Sign
  • Recoloured a large number of items and dungeon features to take advantage of the new colours and enhanced lighting.
  • Tunneling through trees no longer gives a confusing message about walls.
  • Corrected cost/level of Chaos Bolt spell for Cultists.