About Gurbintroll Games

Hi, and welcome to Gurbintroll Games.

Gurbintroll Games is a small independent trade imprint under which I – “Blacky the Blackball” – publish my role-playing games.

Gurbintroll Games is a strictly non-commercial endeavour. All the games published through this imprint are available for free (in the case of electronic formats) or at a nominal price (in the case of physical books). Each game is a labour of love, written for the pleasure of writing and playing it rather than for money.

Currently, Gurbintroll Games has the following games available:

  • Blood, Guts & Glory – A gritty mash-up of two fantasy games.
  • Codename: Spandex – A retro-clone of a British 1980’s super hero game.
  • Cthangband – A roguelike computer game.
  • Dark Dungeons – A retro-clone of a classic edition of the world’s best selling fantasy game.
  • Darker Dungeons – A modified version of Dark Dungeons which unifies the mechanics, making it a less faithful clone but a simpler game to play.
  • FASERIP – A retro-clone of a classic four-colour super hero game.
  • Masks – A mash-up of a classic four-colour super hero game with more modern narrative elements.
  • The Immortals Companion – A supplement for the fifth edition of a popular game, containing updated versions of various rule sets from earlier editions.
  • Blackball’s Treasure – A supplement for the fifth edition of a popular game, containing optional rules for treasure, including a utility-based pricing system for magic items, wealth by level, and treasure parcels (each of which can be used with or without the others).
  • Lightmaster – A retro-clone of a classic fantasy game from the 1980s famous for its combat tables and critical strikes.

Most of the Gurbintroll Games publications are (or will shortly be) available through DriveThruRPG.

Additionally, Gurbintroll Games has a number of “extras” – smaller unofficial supplements for existing games – that can be downloaded directly from this site.