Dark Dungeons

Dark Dungeons is a retro-clone that emulates a specific out-of-print edition of a specific game. For legal reasons, neither that game nor the edition are named anywhere within this site or within Dark Dungeons itself. However, this doesn’t matter. If you know the game then you will pretty much instantly recognise it, and if you don’t know the game then it doesn’t matter – you can play Dark Dungeons on its own merits.

Dark Dungeons is a complete fantasy role-playing game, giving you everything you need from basic dungeon adventures through to exploring the multiverse as immortal beings of divine power. It provides everything you need in a single book, without the need for cross-referencing between multiple volumes or supplements.

Dark Dungeons is available at DriveThruRPG here.


9 thoughts on “Dark Dungeons

      1. Hello! Where can i find a first print of DD, without “to-hit chart”? Old ROLL+AC=20 was much better. Sorry for my poor english.


  1. Some Retroclones allow publication of materials as “compatible with ..”, do you allow such or have a proscribed procedure in place?


  2. Hi, I have never played anything other than 5e, what character sheet do you recommend playing Dark Dungeons with as I could not find one in the book?


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